Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cameron McKinley's Milner civics lab

Lab #2
This is my lonely cellphone, that I did not use for a painful 31 hours straight. Life was hard. I felt out of touch. At first was the hardest.
It's hard adjusting to not being able to communicate with your social networking sites, answers, or your friends with the touch of a button.
I found myself finding other ways to spend my time, without texting and talking. By the end of 31 hours, I felt much less reliant on my cellphone.

Lab #4
When polled, almost 75% of Americans do not trust their fellow American to return to them 50$ if they were to drop it out in the world.
This shows how we have become a very greedy and untrustworthy society, which brings instability within our community.
Lab #13
In a sense, cars do kill community, but at the same time they create another community. Whereas you may not be a close community near to where you live, but cars enable you to travel farther, faster, and more efficently. life without cars we could, and have done before. With cars we are able to transport ourselves and information quicker, but without cars we would simply compensate. Life would not be running so quickly, and you would not be expected to travel far distances quickly. Without cars, you would not have to worry about traffic!


_Lab #19
If the entire world were to get rid of their own transportation, except walking or biking, and used public transportation, the world would be a much different place in the following ways. There would not be nearly as much pollution, being that there would be many less vehicles in our world. Governments would concentrate on creating usable, efficient transportation for our communities, and our lives would be much safer. So many deaths each year are because of people transporting themselves, and if trained professionals are in charge of the transporting, the world should be much safer.


  1. For lab #19:
    I agree that public transportation being the main (or only, in your example) type of transportion would reduce pollution and be very efficient and safe for us. However, I do believe policeman and other emergency vehicles should mantain their use of motor vehicles because it wouldn't be so efficient if EMS personnel took a subway to a patient in need. This type of system would increase the number of public transportation units, and some argue that this would create the same amount of pollution before. However, New York City and Manhattan island operate mainly on these forms of transportation efficiently, and is one of the "greenest" cities in the entire US. Go public transit!
    Kim Idol :)

  2. I like all of your labs. Maybe they could have been a little longer, but the fact that you did the project by yourself is great! Nice explanations, good pictures.
    -Ally Fion

  3. Just make it longer and maybe talk about your own experiences or opinions and make it a bit less, "this is how it is deal with it." otherwise pretty good especially since you did it by yourself.

  4. it sucks to not have a phone :(

  5. i like that you did some of the labs that were harder, like going without a car or your cell phone (or at least i think you did the one about cars, it didn't say whether you did it or you just wrote about it)
    -Morgan Masencup

  6. i like your labs alot, i just thought that they could be a little longer. impressive that you did all this by yourself!
    -shannon barron

  7. I really like your ideas and the pics you used for your labs. You really seem to understand social capital and how aspects of our lives can be good and bad for social capital. I really enjoyed some of your original insights, especially the part about cars and new communities (breadth versus depth) but I would hav liked a little more analysis on all of your labs. A bit more depth would have sealed the deal on your work! Good start.